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  • What is Flexible Time?
    Flexible Time is an interactive educational website for musicians who want to deepen their knowledge of rhythm.
  • How can I complete the Flexible Time Rhythmology method?
    To complete Flexible Time Rhythmology you must purchase the corresponding ebook and then attend three online private lessons.
  • How can I complete the Flexible Time Drumology method?
    To complete Flexible Time Drumology you must purchase the corresponding ebook and then attend seven online private lessons.
  • What is the procedure to attend a course?
    The procedure is as follows: - You buy the course you are interested in. - We send you a download link with the accompanying files of the course (PDF, Audio Files). - Within 24 hours we will call you on the telephone number you have provided so that we can set the time and date of the course and the way to connect via Skype or Zoom.
  • If my level is advanced can I skip the ebook and follow the course directly?
    E-books are necessary for three reasons: -It is good to know the material you are going to develop. -The level of difficulty of the courses is advanced enough for any knowledge gap to be allowed. -If you are a teacher and you find the ebook easy, it doesn't mean that it is easy for your students, so it might be an excellent opportunity to integrate it in your curriculum. Our aim with these two e- books is to create for you a solid foundation and when you feel ready, we can take the next step together. We will be waiting for you.
  • Can I take the courses in any order I want?
    In Flexible Time Rhythmology you have to follow the sequence necessarily. In Flexible Time Drumology you have to follow the first two courses, the other five courses you can follow in any order you want, but we have them all in order so you can choose the ones you are interested in.
  • Why should I choose Flexible Time?
    -Because it is a short and accessible course that will keep you interested forever. -Because we have realized that harmony has evolved much more than rhythm and we try through this method to bring balance between them, especially for all musicians who don't play drums or percussion. -Because the structure of the material has been developed through ten years of personal study. -Because we're trying to show that what's "special" and "extreme" is just basic knowledge in music. Our goal is to develop as much as possible your rhythmic analysis skill.
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